What if you never had to nag your kids to do chores again?

Are you tired of doing everything yourself?

Exhausted from trying to get your kids to help?

Does your house stay messy despite your best efforts?

Does it not even seem worth it to make the kids help?

You NEED Mom's Chore Tool Box!

About the Course

Getting your family to help around the house is HARD.
You try and you try but it doesn't seem to make any difference.
When you do get them to help you have to clean after them because they don't do it right.
Sound familiar?

Hi! I'm Melissa Riker. I'm a blogger, wife, and mom to 3 sons who worked as a hotel maid and home cleaner in college. During that time I learned countless tricks for making cleaning easier and more efficient.

Tell me if this sounds like you: you try to keep a clean house but it feels like you're the only one cleaning and tidying. You spend hours cleaning only for it return to a mess almost immediately. You're frustrated, exhausted, tired of being the family's workhorse, and completely over fussing and nagging at your kids.

What if there was a way to get your kids to help you....without nagging, without you having to clean behind them to get the job right, and without complaints?

That is exactly why I created the Mom's Chore Tool Box-to give moms like you the exact blueprint for teaching your children to do chores, make it a habit rather than a struggle, and do them with a positive attitude.

Stop nagging your kids!

  • Learn how to set expectations so kids understand their role in the family
  • Teach kids to do chores the right way so you don't have to clean after them
  • Set up a positive family environment where everyone works together as a team
  • Get tactics for dealing with attitudes and defiance
  • Learn how to handle your home and kid's chores during overwhelming times when life gets crazy


Do I need complicated chore charts and tracking systems to make this work?

No! Over the years I have tried those big complex chore systems and they never worked. The system in Mom's Chore Tool Box helps you implement a plan that doesn't require any difficult tracking systems.

But my kid gives me a hard time when I try to make them help out...

We have an entire section of the course that walks you through dealing with defiance, laziness, and other attitude issues that may come up as you teach your children these new habits!

Does this actually work?

Yes! We have a 30 day money back guarantee that you will love the system and be completely happy with the way your home and your children transform!

Who is this course for?

Busy moms who feel like the weight of ALL the housework is on their shoulders

Working moms who feel they don't have time to do everything themselves

Any parent who wants to teach their children life skills while maintaining a cleaner, more tidy home with less time and effort!

Plus these bonus extras!

Chore Cheatsheets

There's no excuse for chores done improperly with these pre-made Chore Cheatsheets. We include blank Cheatsheets as well so you can customize them to your home!

Get Motivated

Stay motivated when things get rough with ten printable motivational quotes that will help you stay the course as you work through the system.

Reluctant Spouse?

How to deal with a spouse that doesn't want to help around the house. Ideas to help you involve your spouse 

Imagine if just weeks from now your children contributed to the home's chores

without fuss, without reminding, and with a great attitude!

mock up of mom's chore tool box online course

Mom's Chore Tool Box

The simple solution for teaching kids to do chores.
Help is on the way!

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